Wir haben geöffnet! Besuchen Sie uns an der Grendelstrasse 6 und profitieren Sie von grossartigen Wiedereröffnungsangeboten! Wir freuen uns auf Sie.


We are open! Visit us at Grendelstrasse 6 and take advantage of fantastic reopening deals!

Casagrande Souvenirs and Watches. Introducing Switzerland to the world.

We are a one stop shop. If you are planning to travel through Switzerland, make sure you visit one of our Casagrande Stores, the only place you have to stop over and stock up with swiss gifts such as swiss chocolate, swiss knives or a cuckoo clock for your family. On top of that you can purchase high quality swiss watches. Don’t lose time, stop over and stock up at a Casagrande Store in the center of Lucerne.

Welcome to our shop at Grendel 6